INTERPORE 2014, Milwaukee - Minisymposium on UQ

MS 5.2: Uncertainty quantification in Porous Media: From pore scale to the field scale 

Organized by Matteo Icardi, Quan Long, Daniel Tartakovsky

  • L. J. Durlofsky: Data assimilation using reduced-order geological representations
  • V. Vesselinov: From pore-scale processes to field- scale contaminant remediation
  • M. Borges: A novel uncertainty quantification framework for subsurface flows coupled with geomechanics
  • A. Jan: A bayesian framework for the validation of a model for the simulation of CO2 sequestration in saline formations
  • T. Xu: A fully Bayesian approach for calibration and uncertainty quantification of groundwater flow models with structural error
  • B. Saad: Multilevel Monte Carlo for CO2 storage in porous media